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It is the time in my life when most of my friends are getting engaged and eventually married.  I, myself, wed just over a year ago, and I suppose could still be called a newlywed. Since starting in the Tower Project almost two years ago, I have perpetually had weddings on my mind, planning my own, or helping friends plan theirs. So whenever I catalogue a book on engangements, wedding etiquette, how to run a household, or anything to do with the rules of love in general, I like to spend a bit more time looking it over for outdated pearls of wisdom.  If I find something really good, I’ll share it with my colleagues in the office, and we have a good laugh.

A couple of weeks ago, A Honeymoon in Space by George Griffith turned up on my shelf.  In the Tower, we come across fiction with strange titles all of the time. But, this title seemed so original to me, especially for 1901, that I spent more time than strictly necessary looking it over. The basic plot involves an all American girl marrying an English lord, and spending their honeymoon having adventures throughout the solar system.

My honeymoon seems a bit tame in comparison to our heroine Zaidie Rettick and hero Lord Redgrave. Here are some of the adventures they get up to:

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