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Peter Pan's Post Bag

‘Peter Pan’ is one of those stories with an enduring appeal. Everyone loves to hear stories about the ‘boy who never grew up’ and his battles with Captain Hook. There is something special about the story that has captured the imagination of children throughout the ages.

Pauline Chase

Pauline Chase (photo credit: Vintage Lulu)

Today I came across the book “Peter Pan’s Postbag : Letters to Pauline Chase”. Born Ellen Pauline Matthew Bliss, Chase was an American actress who was best known for playing Peter Pan on stage from 1906-1913. The book contains a sample of the letters that were written to her as Peter throughout her run.

A worrying number ask for tips on how to fly like Peter, whilst others comment that “Tinkerbell was very rude sometimes!”. There are also many letters asking for an “ortograf”. Finally the book includes a map of Never Never Land so that any lucky children who make it there could find their way to tell Peter in person how much they love him.

Map of Never Never Neverland

Map of Never Never Neverland

Below is a selection of the best (possibly cutest!) letters in the book (spellings reproduced):

Dear Peter

I am frightfully anxious. I am still quite young & don’t ever want to grow up. I always want to be a little boy (I mean girl) and have fun. Please don’t show this letter to Tinkerbell or she might call me a silly ass! Love and thimbles from Lesley.

Example letter

A letter from Mary


Darling Peter

I should love to be you. I like you better than Wendy but don’t tell her because it might make her jealous & I like her nearlly as much as you. Madge

A letter from Ronie

A letter from Ronie

Dear Peter Pan

You said that every time somebody said “I dont believe in fairys”, a fairy dies, so would you please tell me if every time somebody says “I believe in fairys”, a fairy comes. Love from Mabel

Example letter

"Please teach me to fly!"